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Afar Magazine

We blushed a little when we read this article in AFAR Magazine by musician & Grammy winning producer Joe Henry. He writes of his time in Louisville during the filming of  Pleased to Meet Me. Excerpt below:

In Good Company by JOE HENRY

Musicians Aimee Mann, Joe Henry, and Loudon Wainwright III gather in Louisville to indulge in raw oysters, dry martinis, and unscripted conversation.

We were en route to the shoot’s first location in Butchertown. My brother David was leading us to Please and Thank You on East Market Street.

David has lived in Louisville, Kentucky, for some 20 years, and he had brought us—me and fellow singer-songwriters Aimee Mann, John Doe, Karin Bergquist, and Loudon Wainwright III—to the city to appear in a feature film he had cowritten.

It was our first morning in town, and Please and Thank You (P&TY) was the perfect headquarters for those of us looking to shoehorn our way into the snug demands of the day, whatever they might be, and it provided our first insight into Louisville’s artisan bent and hipster funk.

P&TY not only makes excellent doppios and home-style baked offerings—including scratch doughnuts that rival those made at the Michigan cider mills of my youth—but also features along
one wall a seriously curated collection of vinyl records for sale. If a café pulls an exceptional, nutty-tasting shot of espresso, offers me baked strata of egg and roasted vegetables fresh from the farm stand, and serves them both while spinning Bringing It All Back Home in original Stereo 360 Sound, that place will own me for the duration of my stay.

At the close of day one of filming, the five of us, along with my brother (still kindly acting as our escort), gathered for our initial dinner together at Jack Fry’s on Bardstown Road in a neighborhood known as the Highlands... 
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Posted on January 4, 2015 .