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It was a pleasure to see Travel & Leisure rank Louisville as one of their Top 50 places to visit in 2015... we like it too! Double-bonus points for the Market Street & P&TY shoutout!  

Louisville, Ky

Louisville has long been famous for its bourbon, and if it’s the dark stuff you’re after, there are almost two dozen distilleries happy to oblige with tastings. Most are in the surrounding countryside, but you no longer need a car to get your fix: Evan Williams, the first urban distillery since Prohibition, flung open its doors on Whiskey Row in November 2014, with seven other spirits distillers soon to join the newly coined Urban Bourbon Trail. The city center is also making room for five new hotels in 2015, including an Aloft. For a taste of Louisville’s most happening neighborhood, head to NuLu, about a mile from downtown and a case study in urban revival, with critically acclaimed restaurants (DeccaProof on Main), concept shops (Please & Thank YouScout), and its own hipster flea market.   —Nikki Ekstein

Posted on January 4, 2015 .