Louisville Courier Journal

Thanks to the Louisville Courier Journal for this December 20, 2012 article about the Bake-It-Yourself line of products. 

Bake it yourself with Please & Thank You
Coffee, treat and record shop Please & Thank You, 800 E. Market St., has launched a line of Bake It Yourself products, beginning with chocolate chip cookies and brownies.

“Everybody asks for the cookie recipe, but I’m not ready,” says co-owner Brooke Vaughn. “I’m married to a designer, and it’s a dream to do a cookbook someday. I don’t want to give my recipes away–but (the kits) are a way for people to confidently bake cookies at home.”

The cookie box comes with a dozen pressed-out rounds of refrigerated cookie dough. “It’s actually what we put in our ovens here,” says Vaughn. Also included are her tips for perfect cookies (the most difficult of which may be the instructions to wait five to 10 minutes after cookies come out of the oven before removing from the pan). Immediately, “I had someone buy 12 dozen for Christmas gifts,” says Vaughn.

The brownie box contains enough baking mix and Callebaut French chocolate chips for a dozen. “The chips are the kicker!” says Vaughn. The mix contains “Weisenberger flour, French cocoa, salt ? everything we use to make our brownies,” she says. “The box tells you everything you need at home before you leave the grocery store.”

“I knew this was gonna work when my mom did it,” says Vaughn. (Her mom has never cooked.) “I gave her the zucchini loaf package and told her to roll with it, and she made a successful loaf.”

The zucchini loaf, a pumpkin loaf and a funfetti birthday cake will be among future Bake It Yourself offerings.

The cookie box costs $15 (freshly baked, they’re $1.75 each in the store), and the brownies are $12 ($3 each fresh in the store).

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